Trade Plan: LC & LCB

LCB (initial position)

B: on breakout. watch the tape! note to self: this is a pennant – prone to false breakout!

S: 1.59

Risk: 0.17

P: Max 50k shares – 1% risk. Start with 25k shares for .50% risk.


Reading was correct to range at .07 volatility (1.48-1.55)

Current position 65k shares is now raised to breakeven. Risk free!

For new position: (flag)

B: 1.56-1.57 (watch the tape)

S: 1.43

Risk: .13-.14

Position: Max 60k shares for 1% risk. Start with 30k for .5% risk.

If this moved according to plan, scrap the EDC trade idea. (Focus on relative strength!)


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