11-29-2011 – PSEi 14.93B value turnover

Screenshots c/o Firstmetrosec.

Today marked one or probably the highest single day volume in PSEi history. Thanks to MSCI rebalancing. I noticed main actor is csuisse and pepi dumping all BPI and MBT to buy URC, ICT and SMC.

As a trend follower myself, I would have done what they are doing. But at this point, I am starting to get confused as the volume registered high which may be a sign of danger. (High volume signals distribution in an uptrend)

PSEi registered 14.93B pesos turnover! around 70% of these were only in URC, BPI, MBT, ICT, SMC.

During pre-close, I was surprised to see the foreigners forced URC, ICT, SMC to close lower. However, the bid side was pretty heavy!  So what’s the real thing? Is this a shakeout or what?

I didn’t monitor MBT and BPI as I didn’t have them in my portfolio.

No trade plans were executed today. ICT stops 56.25 and 55.45 were hit but I didn’t sell as I remember the last time that Daiwa forced issues to close lower, they gapped up the next day.

Portfolio -0.24%.

PSEi -0.40%.

I’ll be in Sagada, Mt. Province til Saturday! I’ll monitor my portfolio on my mobile phone. :)


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