12-3-2011 Travel Trading from Sagada

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Sagada. This is another experience of mine where I have to trade while travelling. And is one of my personal goals when I retire. :) Imagine trading with green mountain views and cool fresh breeze!

Summary of trades done from the trip:


Bought LC at 1.56 for .5% risk as planned in this post.

Bought LCB at 1.66 for .5% risk. Not as planned. Why did I buy? I was supposed to bid at 1.64 which was the previous low, then putting my stop at 1.59. But I find it unusual for LC to be strong when LCB was not. So I thought my 1.64 wasn’t going to be hit and I raised my bid at 1.66.  I was also thinking that .05-.07 risk was good enough for a run. 1.66 was hit when LCB was selling down or rather shaking out!


Bought more LCB at 1.81 for another .5% risk because my initial position at 1.66 was proven to be good.

Portfolio now:

Holdings which I need to reduce or sell: :(

ICT stops at 56.3 and 55.50 were ignored. I need to sell on strength. Unless proven that it is just a correction.

URC stops at 48.95 and 48.25 were hit.

SMC – new 10-day low. Stops were hit as well :(

After selling, I can add more winners:

BEL – Buy if it closes above 4.35

LR – Buy when it breaks 10.

LC – wait for setup

LCB – wait for setup

PX – moving back to my buy list. Buy if it closes above 24.10


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