LCB all time highest close at 1.91. High still at 1.95. 2 pesos the obvious round number resistance.

It has been 7 trading days since I started to wait for BEL to break and close above 4.35. I almost forgot to buy this morning as I was busy monitoring LC’s and LCB’s price action. Got in at the close. Someone dump at the bid side.

^PSEi closed 4315.17 to break my resistance at 4313. Hope this continues to 4400.

Trades today:

Bought 25k LCB 1.90

Bought 20k BEL 4.53

Took loss in ICT. -5%. Should have been a breakeven trade if I took the loss at my stop.

I will start to dispose the losers (MAB, PX, SCC, SMC) before 2012 starts.


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