Doubling up BEL yesterday was a good decision afterall. ALthough I was a bit uncomfortable buying it. I’m very happy to stick to my system and did not let emotion rule me. Letting it run for now. BEL closed +8.61%! It was doing 4.88 and was force to close at 4.92 by notorious BA!

Meanwhile, while BEL was running. I immediately monitored LR’s price action. It was weird that it wasn’t moving. The 2 minute chart had a buy on breakout above 9.4. It was idle the whole morning at 9.33-9.34. I just waited it out until someone, I think VALUEQUEST, started buying it up. I know it was a sure thing to close above 9.4. Indeed, it closed 9.58. Great!

LC moved to new high today but closed lower. This proves that 1.80 is a tough resistance to crack. I almost bought but remembered to always buy near the close. Bennett, a known high roller, dumped 65M shares today. Congrats to him! :)

LCB broke 1.95 in its 2-minute chart. Wasn’t able to sustain the momentum and closed 1.88.

PX remains to be the mining laggard. Breaking down of its consolidation, which made me easier to cut my loss. I’m out!

URC hit a buy stop at 50.70. But closed 50.40. Good to see it now back above 50 pesos.

Portfolio moved lucky +1.68%

Transactions today:

Cut loss PX at 21.80


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