2011 Year Ender

2011 is so far my worst performance in my 4 years of trading. I got whipped left and right, lots of false breakouts and breakdowns. Volatility were at its high.

I was up about 35% max for the year but due to a costly wrong push of a button trade, profits were given back to Ms. Market.

Some stats:

  • Buy/Sell Trades: 90
  • Hit Rate: 35%
  • Biggest Winner: LND/GERI 110%
  • Biggest Loser: 3rd round in BHI -20%. This one made my performance poor this year. I was supposed to cut but pressed the wrong button and doubled up! then eventually cut everything at .3650. Price at end of year  .1670.. so I’m still considering this a good trade!
  • Best Month: July 13%
  • Worst Month: September -30%
  • YTD: -8%

2012 goals:

  • Trade lesser, ignore noise. Maybe just about 5 trades per month. That’s one per week.
  • Learn to trade the weekly trend model. (ex. URC)
  • Learn to trade with leverage.

25% cash coming into the new year. Good luck 2012!


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