Darvas Box Week 5

MIC (R: 5.77)

MWIDE (new all time high close)

NI (R: 7.49)

NIKL (R: 23.8, S: 22.9) for new all time high.

PGOLD (R: 20.10)


I have decided to get myself a break from the intraday markets. Sold most stocks and left 3 babies with a longer term hold for now.  It’s just too tiring to stay up late every night. :) 

Booked more profits yesterday, sold TA and URC! :) Moved to hopefully a stronger stock. Let’s go EEI.

It’s my first week in the US and am having a hard time monitoring the market. I’ll probably just take trades during the morning session then sleep. Ugh.



AAI – dumped it and took my small loss.

LCB – booked some profits. sold almost half. 2x ATR trailing stop was hit.

BEL – booked half profits. :D heavy, black candle and looking like a bear flag now.

JGS – new high. bought near the close. :) Hopefully it will move like TEL or EEI.

Tricky market!!!!!!

I probed some AAI as I was looking for a strong bounce but looks like I’m dead wrong.. Will just wait it out tomorrow and sell if mali talaga. :( Small shares lang.

I needed to increase cash. Ayaw ko lang kinakain ng interest yun margin ko! Sold SCC at the close, kakapagod ka na. will soon sell PGOLD as it is not moving. booo.

Huge volume in BEL today. hmm. Also noticed perfect shakeout in MA by the master. Congrats to WIN holders!

News came out today that URC net income was down 38%. But why the heck did it make and close to a new high? :) Darvas Box breakout (so far). It will probably dip knowing it’s weird spread personality.

Those Darvas Boxes were hard to break last week. They’ll probably move sideways again..

I was busy preparing stuff last week as I’m now trading from Central America. My trading time is from 7:30-10pm then 11:30pm-1:30am. Can’t live like this everyday so I need to devise a strategy where I can sleep earlier. :(

MA is the apple of the eye today! I cut my losses in CMT during the morning session at 1.70 to shift to MA at 0.065. I was supposed to buy when it broke 0.063 and I market bid 0.065 thinking to get ahead and get done at 0.064 but it was just too fast!!! :D At the last hour, I sold LC to double up MA at 0.069. Based on price action alone. News might come out soon as huge buyers were hoarding shares like crazy.