01-05-2012 CMT

Risking .11 cents.. Bought CMT today at 1.73. I thought she was ready to break out of the flag. OOps!

Anyway, If this bull market is real, I am betting that the cement stocks are the new leaders since they were the ones who moved first before PSEi broke 4,400.

I now have positions in gaming, mining, cement, consumer retail and oil. Mining and gaming are getting weak. Oil and properties are getting strong. Observing sectoral rotations for now then will rotate funds as needed.

Heavily invested at 130%.

Reminder to self: You can’t win them all.


2 thoughts on “01-05-2012 CMT

  1. I still think this is bound for a correction. Hahaha! Such a skeptic. I wanna buy at lower levels eeeeh. Hahaha! Pero objectively speaking, pwede nga flag. But, there is resistance below 1.8, which makes the flag setup susceptible to failing. Kaya I’m waiting. Same scenario kasi sa EEI ko eh. :))

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