Those Darvas Boxes were hard to break last week. They’ll probably move sideways again..

I was busy preparing stuff last week as I’m now trading from Central America. My trading time is from 7:30-10pm then 11:30pm-1:30am. Can’t live like this everyday so I need to devise a strategy where I can sleep earlier. :(

MA is the apple of the eye today! I cut my losses in CMT during the morning session at 1.70 to shift to MA at 0.065. I was supposed to buy when it broke 0.063 and I market bid 0.065 thinking to get ahead and get done at 0.064 but it was just too fast!!! :D At the last hour, I sold LC to double up MA at 0.069. Based on price action alone. News might come out soon as huge buyers were hoarding shares like crazy.


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