Relative Strength Ranking (22-Sept-2014)

Before the stocks are ranked, they are filtered according to:

  • MA(50) > MA(150) > MA (200)
  • Closing price above MA(50), MA(150) and MA (200).

Relative Strength (20-day) rank. These stocks show short term momentum and leadership.

2014-09-22 RS 20

Relative Strength (200-day) rank. These stocks are the long term leaders.
2014-09-22 RS 200


  • MARC’s short term momentum is losing.
  • NIKL is still leading.
  • ORE is trying to catch up short term.
  • SECB, CEB and BLOOM – short term momentum is strong. They look to be starting to rally from their respective bottoms and making new 52wk highs in the previous weeks.