This blog is about trend following the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Trend following is simple yet hard. Trades are opened when a trend reverses or an established trend is about to continue with bias towards the latter.  Trades are stopped out when a volatility stop is hit or when the price closes below it. A maximum of 1% is risked on individual trades. I only use price, volume and average true range (ATR) for my indicators.

I’ve been trading since 2007. The performance of my portfolio is the result of losses, winnings and market experiences.  I believe that systematic trend following is the best style for my personality so I have programmed and almost automated my buy and sell signals. I hope that someday trading platforms in the Philippines can be fully automated so I can just leave it and do its thing.

Trading is a continuous learning journey. Thus, this blog. Trades are blogged for my own study and for my own improvement. If you happen to drop by this blog, please know that stock trading has inherent risks so please do your own homework.

Influences are Jesse Livermore, Turtle Traders, Ed Seykota, Ivanhoff

Systems I follow:

  • Bull Flags
  • Turtle System 1 and System 2
  • 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 4x ATR(20) long trailing sell stop
  • 2x ATR(20) short trailing buy stop
  • Darvas Box
  • New 52-wk high, New all time high.

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