$EDC $FGEN $FPH $LPZ (03-Oct-2014)

2014-10-03 Lopez Group


$LPZ $FPH $EDC $ABS $FGEN – Lopez Stocks (18-Sept-2014)

EDC/FGEN/FPH have been leading this bull run in August.  Darvas Box looking good.
LPZ and ABS have recently joined the party breaking their respective 52wk highs.
Sorting them according to Relative strength against PSEi

2014-09-18 LPZ
2014-09-18 FPH
2014-09-18 EDC
2014-09-18 ABS
2014-09-18 FGEN


Ms. Market surely loves a down US market. She’s still squeezing it tight and is looking to move (don’t know where) in an explosive manner.

Today, I bought more LCB at 1.92. I thought it was a good intraday support already but was sold down to 1.90. Closed unchanged (doji) with low volume. This candlestick pattern appeared so many times in the previous run-up and was proven to be profitable. Darvas Box trade plan is still valid. I’ll be waiting for 2 pesos to be broken.

Gaming favorites, BEL and LR were spectacular today! LR finally closed above 10. Sadly, BEL was sold down to 4.81 at the close from a high of 4.88.

I obviously missed the EDC train. :( No worries. I can always wait for a new setup to form and buy higher. :)