$EDC $FGEN $FPH $LPZ (03-Oct-2014)

2014-10-03 Lopez Group



Ms. Market surely loves a down US market. She’s still squeezing it tight and is looking to move (don’t know where) in an explosive manner.

Today, I bought more LCB at 1.92. I thought it was a good intraday support already but was sold down to 1.90. Closed unchanged (doji) with low volume. This candlestick pattern appeared so many times in the previous run-up and was proven to be profitable. Darvas Box trade plan is still valid. I’ll be waiting for 2 pesos to be broken.

Gaming favorites, BEL and LR were spectacular today! LR finally closed above 10. Sadly, BEL was sold down to 4.81 at the close from a high of 4.88.

I obviously missed the EDC train. :( No worries. I can always wait for a new setup to form and buy higher. :)